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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Leadership Northshore?

Leadership Northshore is an innovative program designed to prepare students for leadership positions in government, business, and community affairs. The program is directed by a Board of Trustees of Leadership Northshore graduates.

What are the student goals?

  • Introduce you to leadership techniques allowing you to identify your own leadership style.

  • Develop a better understanding of St. Tammany Parish, its problems, challenges, and opportunities.

  • Provide opportunities for communication among emerging and established community leaders.

  • Motivate and encourage you to assume leadership roles in the community.


What are the program components?

You will start with a Welcome Reception in August. Your mandatory Opening Retreat is held in September. You will then participate in nine (9) full-day sessions focused on specific aspects of St. Tammany, such as local government, education, social services, economic development, and much more. You will also have four (4) evening events. Your family is invited to those events along with your Graduation Dinner.

What will the sessions include?

Sessions include lectures, simulations, group discussions, panel discussions, and field trips.

Am I allowed to invite others to attend a session or sessions with me?


You are welcome to invite others to the following events:

  • Slidell Little Theatre

  • Project Presentations

  • Arts Evening

  • Louisiana Symphony

  • Graduation Dinner


Am I required to attend all of the sessions?


Yes. You are allowed to miss one (1) session and still graduate with your class. The Opening and Closing Retreats are mandatory. If you are not able to participate in the Opening Retreat, please apply another year. 

Are financial scholarships available?

Yes, partial Need-Based scholarships are available.

Am I allowed to set up a payment plan for my tuition?

Yes, payment plans may be set up with approval of the Board of Trustees. Submit your request to

What are the projects?

Each class is separated into smaller groups where they have the opportunity to create, develop, and implement a leadership project that is beneficial to the community. You will meet outside of class hours to work on your project. 


Who participates in Leadership Northshore?




  • John and Brenda Case

  • East St. Tammany Chamber of Commerce

  • Charles Klepfer

  • Bill and Sharron Newton

  • Michele Bond

  • S. Michele Blanchard

  • Alex Carollo




Airey Blanchard

Law Office

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